Houston TranStar App Reviews

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Very helpful

The interfaces are convenient and appears very reliable. Comprehensive information regarding flooding and incidents.

Traffic map quit working

I used this app on the regular basis until a few weeks ago the map quit working. There is no updates and been frustrated that it does not work anymore.

Downloaded today

Is it posible to get a video of an accident I had last month as proof of evidence?? I have yet to try the app to give a good rating.

Nice has quite a few options

Not sure if it's intended but you can't enter the map from the home screen by pressing the map? I have to go to the menu. I have to assume a glitch, if not makes it pretty useless as a quick traffic check app. Developer has fixed the issue. Better than having to go to the webpage which was difficult to navigate. Good app.

Freezes up

This app freezes up too much!!! I downloaded the app to monitor the storm but it keeps freezing.. waste of time!!!!

No live traffic cams....

...what's the point? A still frame image?....lame


Constantly crashing!

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